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Home Things to Look for in an Attorney Do I need an attorney in lemon law?

Do I need an attorney in lemon law?

New cars are covered by lemon laws, but mobile homes, RVs, and even used carsĀ  in some states might also be covered. Lemon cars are those which were purchased new with a warranty, but after repeated repair attempts, a defect in the vehicle cannot be repaired. Should the defect severely affect the safety of the vehicle, it might require fewer trips to be mechanic before the state considers it to be a lemon.

Each state has a different lemon law, and while the Attorney General of each state has information on lemon laws for consumers in the state, this might be confusing to many. The process of seeking repayment or replacement for a lemon vehicle might require more than the simple arbitration process recommended by state attorneys general. This is when the consumer will need to look for an attorney lemon law to handle his personal case and seek compensation through the court system.

Once a lemon law case gets to court, the manufacturer will have the right to appear before the judge to argue his side of the case. It is likely that a car manufacturer will be able to afford an attorney, and for the consumer to win the case, he, too, will need the best representation available. Attorney lemon law specialists should have years of experience practicing consumer law in that particular state.

The lawyer will likely ask if the consumer kept records of the repairs. Without these documents, there is little an attorney can do to file a lemon law claim. The American Bar Association offers tips for consumers to follow when purchasing their vehicle to best protect their rights. This educational resource answers some of the most frequent questions, but as with all legal issues, how a lemon law is applied to a vehicle will depend upon the particular aspects of the case.

An attorney in lemon law will be able to find the best fit for the consumer to most effectively be awarded a refund for his claim based upon the car buyer's circumstances. Some consumers will be required to go through arbitration but others might benefit more from going straight to court. This is one of the many decisions which must be made by an attorney for lemon law claims.

Buying a new car does not always mean that the vehicle will perform as expected. Consumers who find that they have to take their car to the mechanic several times for the same problem should seek legal advice by contacting an attorney in lemon law.


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