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Legal issues and lemon lawyers

Lemon laws are most often associated with the purchase of new vehicles. This is the case with individual state laws, but federal laws also cover lemon purchases with two consumer acts:  the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Uniform Commercial Code. These together will require the manufacturer to refund or replace any item over $25 which includes a warranty with purchase and is sold in a faulty state. A lemon lawyer needs to be knowledgeable about both forms of laws in order to successfully help the consumer who finds that his new car is a lemon.

What makes a car a lemon? That depends upon the state in which the vehicle was purchased. Generally, lemon lawyers look for car buyers who have purchased a vehicle with a defect which cannot be fixed after several attempts. These consumers are the most likely to have bought a car which can be considered a "lemon" in most states. Discussing the laws of that state with the lemon lawyer will help the consumer know what to do.

A lemon lawyer should advise the consumer to keep careful records of all of the repairs made to the car, even if the repairs were for different defects. In many states, if repairs on a new car keep the car in the automobile mechanic's shop for 30 cumulative days, it too could be a lemon. This number can depend on the state, and in some states, it is 30 business days, but in others it is simply the total number of days. A qualified, experienced lemon lawyer can help to determine if the car has been in repairs long enough, but the consumer must cooperate by keeping hard copies of all of the work orders from the repairs. These will be used by the attorney as evidence when filing a complaint against the manufacturer.

Arbitration might be an optional step in a state or it could be required before a lemon law case is taken to court. In many cases, arbitration can save money and time by having an independent third party settle the matter between the manufacturer and the car buyer, but in cases where this is not done or the dispute cannot be resolved, having a lemon lawyer to guide the consumer through the court system will be vital. A lawyer knowledgeable in lemon law will be able to help the consumer to argue his case before the judge and increase the likelihood that he will get a refund or a replacement for his lemon car.

In order to get the best representation in a lemon law case, a lemon lawyer with knowledge and experience in the state is critical in the success of the outcome of the lemon dispute.