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Home Things to Look for in an Attorney What makes a good lemon law lawyer?

What makes a good lemon law lawyer?

The lemon law is designed to protect consumers, but in order to have the law work to ones fullest advantage, the consumer must find someone who is well versed in the statutes, a lemon law lawyer. There are several factors which differentiate lawyers, and finding one qualified to assist with the purchase of a lemon vehicle in a certain state is a matter or examining certain aspects of the lawyer's expertise and experience.

There are various levels of lemon laws: federal and state. The federal lemon laws include both:  the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Uniform Commercial Code. These consumer protection codes will cover more than just lemon cars. The Magunson-Moss Warranty Act assures that those items with a warranty included will be protected. Consumers who purchase lemon items can get either a replacement or a rebate for the item through the Uniform Commercial Code, but it is the individual's states lemon laws which protect the buyer in his new car purchase. The qualifications for cars to be considered lemons vary by state, but if the buyer has a new car with a defect which cannot be repaired after repeated attempts, it might be a lemon. The first step in seeking repayment will be to find a lemon law lawyer.

Not all attorneys are qualified to be lemon law lawyers. The lawyer must be well versed in consumer law, and more specifically the laws of the state in which the consumer bought his car. Since the laws for lemon cars and their qualifications depend upon the state in which the car was purchased, an out of state lawyer might not be thoroughly aware of the nuances of all that state's lemon law statutes. Getting someone who is local will also be a convenience factor for the consumer. This will allow both parties to meet in person, if needed.

Experience is another factor which should be considered. The longer a lemon law lawyer has been in practice, and the better his record, the more likely it is that he will have success with future lemon law cases. Those with experience in a particular state will know the best way to have the paperwork for filing a lemon law complaint expedited through the system. With lemon laws, time is of the essence, and a lawyer who wastes time might prevent the consumer from getting a refund for a defective vehicle.

Consumers who purchase new cars only to find that they are lemons should realize that not all lemon law lawyers are created equal. Experienced, local lawyers will be their best option to help in ensuring that all of their consumer rights are upheld.



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