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Things to Look for in an Attorney

Do I need an attorney in lemon law?

New cars are covered by lemon laws, but mobile homes, RVs, and even used cars  in some states might also be covered. Lemon cars are those which were purchased new with a warranty, but after repeated repair attempts, a defect in the vehicle cannot be repaired. Should the defect severely affect the safety of the vehicle, it might require fewer trips to be mechanic before the state considers it to be a lemon.


Legal issues and lemon lawyers

Lemon laws are most often associated with the purchase of new vehicles. This is the case with individual state laws, but federal laws also cover lemon purchases with two consumer acts:  the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Uniform Commercial Code. These together will require the manufacturer to refund or replace any item over $25 which includes a warranty with purchase and is sold in a faulty state. A lemon lawyer needs to be knowledgeable about both forms of laws in order to successfully help the consumer who finds that his new car is a lemon.


What makes a good lemon law lawyer?

The lemon law is designed to protect consumers, but in order to have the law work to ones fullest advantage, the consumer must find someone who is well versed in the statutes, a lemon law lawyer. There are several factors which differentiate lawyers, and finding one qualified to assist with the purchase of a lemon vehicle in a certain state is a matter or examining certain aspects of the lawyer's expertise and experience.