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Auto lemon law for consumer protection

Before consumer laws, the manufacturer did was not held liable if a defective item was sold with a warranty, but with the auto lemon law, a car buyer has his rights protected by both the state and federal government. When dealing with these laws, should a suit need to be filed in court on behalf of the consumer, a lawyer versed in consumer law will be able to assist with the process of arbitration or court proceedings.

Federal law does not have a specific statute for lemon cars, but there are two consumer protection acts which can be applied to motor vehicles as the states see fit: Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Uniform Commercial Code. Under these all items over $25 with a warranty must have the warranty honored. Should there be a defective item, the manufacturer is required to replace or refund the item.

How each of the states read interpret these acts concerning motor vehicles differs. The state auto lemon law under which a new car purchase is subject to depends upon the state in which the car was bought rather than the home state of the owner. While certain points might not agree between states, most agree that a defect in a car under warranty must be found and attempted to be repaired at least three or four times without success before following the guidelines in the warranty concerning manufacturer notification, arbitration, and court filing procedures.

State statutes for the auto lemon law will dictate the path the consumer must take. In order to qualify for protection under the lemon law, a consumer must keep records of his automobile repairs. Without this proof that the appropriate measures were taken to attempt to fix a defect, the consumer will be unable to get any money back from his lemon purchase.

In many cases of auto lemon law, the matter can be settled out of court with a third party mediator during arbitration, but some states allow for this to be skipped entirely and the case taken directly to court. Both the manufacturer and the car buyer have a right to representation, and in court, the consumer will need an auto lemon law lawyer. If found in the consumer's favor, the price of the car will be refunded or a replacement vehicle provided by the manufacturer.

Protection from faulty car purchases offered by the auto lemon law can let a consumer to rest at ease when selecting a new vehicle for purchase.



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