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Home Lemons Into Lemonade - How Lemon Laws Protect You
Lemons Into Lemonade - How Lemon Laws Protect You

What the automobile lemon law means for you

The choice to buy a new car is a major decision. Hopefully, it will serve as an investment for years to come, but if a new car turns out to be a lemon, what rights does a customer have? His rights are protected by the automobile lemon law. This requires that the manufacturer repay or replace the lemon car purchased within a specified amount of time. How the consumer can be certain that his rights are upheld is partly due to his actions and record keeping.


Auto lemon law for consumer protection

Before consumer laws, the manufacturer did was not held liable if a defective item was sold with a warranty, but with the auto lemon law, a car buyer has his rights protected by both the state and federal government. When dealing with these laws, should a suit need to be filed in court on behalf of the consumer, a lawyer versed in consumer law will be able to assist with the process of arbitration or court proceedings.

What can the lemon law do for me?

The lemon law is designed as a protection for consumers when they make purchases under warranty. To better understand consumer protection law, one might pursue a law degree, but such a step is unnecessary with the right legal assistance from an expert in that area. A lemon law lawyer has spent years acquainting himself with the ever-changing field of consumer law, and he will be needed should a case need to go to court for the consumer to get his money back from his lemon car purchase.