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Is My Car a Lemon

Is my car covered under the used car lemon law?

Consumers buying used cars might wonder if their vehicle is a lemon, but the definition of a lemon vehicle will depend upon the statutes of the state in which the car was purchased.  The American Bar Association recommends that car buyers read laws when buying a car, but just knowing the law will not guarantee that the consumer will be able to be compensated should his car turn out to be a lemon.


What is covered by the lemon law: used cars?

How can a consumer know if the car he purchased is a lemon car? What is a lemon and which states protect consumers in the event that one of these is purchased? The answers to many of these questions can be found be reading the individual state statutes. Every state regards the national consumer protection law slightly differently, and while they all cover new cars bought with a warranty, lemon law used car specific coverage is limited to a few states, but many more will honor the manufacturer's express warranty for used cars, and laws are in in place in those states to ensure that the warranty is upheld.


How do I know which cars are lemon law used cars?

Most lemon laws protect new car buyers. These state statutes prevent manufacturers from selling defective vehicles, but many states will also allow used cars to be claimed under their state's lemon laws. The location of the car purchase will determine which state's laws must be followed. Lemon law used cars can get the consumer his money back, or a replacement for the vehicle can be found, but only if the car was under warranty, used cars were covered in his state, and the proper procedures were followed in filing the claim.