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Indiana (IN) Lemon Laws

Every state has its own lemon laws to protect consumers in their new car purchases. Those living near the great mecca of motor sports, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, have the same protection as those elsewhere in the United States. The specific statues for each state is different in how cars are determined to be lemons and the process required to seek either claims in court or through arbitration. An IN lemon law lawyer can assist a confused consumer in wading through the legal system and understanding the Indiana lemon law statutes.


State by state lemon law

New car purchases are protected by every state in the United States, but the laws vary by state concerning the qualifications. One of the many unifying factors among these state statues is that vehicles are covered by the Federal Lemon Law. They also all require action by the consumer to ensure that the process for filing a claim is properly followed.


Florida Lemon Law for Consumer Protection

When looking to purchase a new car, many consumers assume that their car will live up to expectations that it will perform safely and as advertised. If the car has such significant defects that several repair attempts do not remedy it, that car might be a lemon, and the consumer will have protection under theĀ  Florida lemon law. This law is designed to prevent automobile sellers from taking advantage of their customers.


Is my car covered under the Texas lemon law?

In Texas, when someone purchases a new car, that comes with a protection in the event that it was sold with unrepairable problems. This is known as the Texas lemon law and it can help consumers to seek damages for paying for a car which did not operate as promised. The Texas lemon law statutes and rules dictate when and how the complaints concerning a vehicle defect should be made. These must be followed to ensure that the consumer has all of his rights preserved.


What is the California lemon law?

The California lemon law is designed to prevent car salesmen from misrepresenting the vehicles they offer for sale. While the complete law is rather lengthy, it acts to protect consumers. Most cars are sold with an expressed warranty from the lot, but there are basic expectations held by the consumer, mainly that the vehicle will operate as promised by the dealer. By knowing his rights, the consumer can follow the proper procedures for dealing with the purchase of a car which falls under the California lemon law.