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Lemon Law Help

How do I know which cars are lemon law used cars?

Most lemon laws protect new car buyers. These state statutes prevent manufacturers from selling defective vehicles, but many states will also allow used cars to be claimed under their state's lemon laws. The location of the car purchase will determine which state's laws must be followed. Lemon law used cars can get the consumer his money back, or a replacement for the vehicle can be found, but only if the car was under warranty, used cars were covered in his state, and the proper procedures were followed in filing the claim.


Important facts about lemon law cars

Lemon cars can be made into lemonade with the lemon law, but the consumer has a responsibility to ensure that his side of the agreement is fulfilled. Depending upon the specific state, the car buyer will have different obligations as to the procedures he must follow to be repaid for his lemon purchase. One recommendation for car buyers in all states from Consumer Reports is to carefully review the statute concerning lemon law cars in that state. This information can be found through the state Attorney General's office.


What makes a good lemon law lawyer?

The lemon law is designed to protect consumers, but in order to have the law work to ones fullest advantage, the consumer must find someone who is well versed in the statutes, a lemon law lawyer. There are several factors which differentiate lawyers, and finding one qualified to assist with the purchase of a lemon vehicle in a certain state is a matter or examining certain aspects of the lawyer's expertise and experience.


What can the lemon law do for me?

The lemon law is designed as a protection for consumers when they make purchases under warranty. To better understand consumer protection law, one might pursue a law degree, but such a step is unnecessary with the right legal assistance from an expert in that area. A lemon law lawyer has spent years acquainting himself with the ever-changing field of consumer law, and he will be needed should a case need to go to court for the consumer to get his money back from his lemon car purchase.


What is the California lemon law?

The California lemon law is designed to prevent car salesmen from misrepresenting the vehicles they offer for sale. While the complete law is rather lengthy, it acts to protect consumers. Most cars are sold with an expressed warranty from the lot, but there are basic expectations held by the consumer, mainly that the vehicle will operate as promised by the dealer. By knowing his rights, the consumer can follow the proper procedures for dealing with the purchase of a car which falls under the California lemon law.